So I got stood up twice in the last two days. Same guy. Don’t really know why. He took my shirt off when we were making out on our first date and kept it? I’ve never had that happen before so I didn’t know how to react. I was too busy trying to keep the fact that my clothes are more important to me than a lot of things (people) under wraps. Probably one of the reasons I’m single. But yeah haven’t heard from him since. I thought we had a nice date and it ended with us making out on the couch sooooo. What? I’m very confused. Slightly hurt. I was planning to wallow all day today but instead I went to the gym and started reading Outlander. Monster of a series in terms of size, probably longer than A Song of Ice and Fire. Pretty excited though, I’ve heard good things. But more importantly- can I just have my tank back?!

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